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Where to Hire a Freelance Marketing Consultant?

A freelance marketing consultant is a professional and experienced marketer who has previously successfully taught businesses on developing and implementing their digital marketing strategy. They must be up to date on the latest marketing trends and best practices.

They will most likely not do the actual “dirty work,” but they can put you in the correct direction and connect you with other digital marketing service providers to handle essential marketing tasks.

A freelance marketing consultant can do any of the following:

  1. Taking up the role of CMO to manage the entire staff or
  2. Contribute to the development of or make changes to the overall marketing strategy
  3. Control a specific marketing channel or a group of freelancers.
  4. Oversee development teams responsible for site redesigns and other technological tasks
  5. Manage paid media campaigns from start to finish.

These five jobs are merely the top of the digital iceberg.

As digital marketing becomes more complex to manage, new niche roles such as analytics managers, copywriting experts, landing/sales page optimizers, paid media professionals, email marketing experts, video marketing specialists, and so on are emerging. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to hire the right marketing expert.

4 Top Sites to Hire a Freelance Marketing Consultant

Here’s where to start looking for the top freelance marketing consultants.

1. Upwork

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Visit Upwork

Upwork is currently one of the largest freelance markets on the internet. With millions of freelancers registered on the platform, you may find a freelancer for almost any work.

Marketing jobs account for a sizable portion of all jobs placed on Upwork. You can look through the site’s various sections to see what kinds of employment are available. You may also see how many freelancers specialize in a particular field.

You may look through the profiles of all the freelancers to learn about their hourly rates, previous jobs, ratings, reviews, and expertise. You can also run targeted searches if you’re looking for freelancers who specialize in a specific category or tool. You can, for example, look for expertise in Google Analytics, Google Adwords, HubSpot CRM, and even social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Many of the freelancers on the site also have their own agencies, and you may come across agency Upwork profiles from time to time. However, finding such a freelancer is difficult, and there is no way to know about all of their skills unless you interview them. When how to recover completely removed files on windows 10 should I consider seeking professional data recovery services?

You can interview potential candidates via Upwork’s internal chat system to discuss job details. Furthermore, the escrow system assures that no cash is disbursed until you are completely satisfied with the work.

When you’ve found the ideal marketer, you may put them on recurring projects so you can collaborate with them on a regular basis.

It’s simple to get started on Upwork, and it’s completely free to use. However, the platform will charge a 3% processing fee for all payments made.

2. The Product Company

where to hire freelance marketing consultant the product company

Visit The Product Company

The Product Company is a consulting website that connects you with experienced and high-level freelancers. The website includes a global collection of the top marketing and product specialists.

After you book a consultation, we’ll assess your business and marketing goals and match you with a capable marketing professional, ranging from SEO specialists and growth marketers to content marketers and CRO experts.

The bulk of the experts on the network also have personal or agency websites. As a result, before working with them, you can examine their websites, portfolios, case studies, and teams.

The Product Company will match you with the best possible match based on your specifications. For example, if you need a marketing professional who understands SEO and content marketing but can also build inbound marketing strategies, just tell us what you need and we’ll match you with a freelancer who can help.

The finest aspect is that you are not restricted to specific sectors of marketing. You can request social media marketing specialists, landing page design specialists, email marketing services, new product marketing services, PPC experts, and even graphic design teams.

If one individual cannot meet all of your marketing demands, The Product Company will connect you with an entire team.

3. Fiverr

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Visit Fiverr

Fiverr is an older brand in the freelance world, with thousands of digital marketers on its roster. It is intended to assist small enterprises with limited resources.

Almost every marketing-related project can be completed by a freelancer. Experts in content marketing strategy, Instagram graphics, Facebook Ads, email marketing, and other areas can be found.

In comparison to other sites, the site uses a unique freelancing marketplace concept. It uses a Gig system, with the starting point for a Gig being $5. These Gigs serve as freelancers’ products.

A freelance marketing consultant who specializes in conversion rates, for example, may create a Gig for it. It allows buyers to search through several tiers of quality by offering different degrees of service (from Level 1 sellers to Premium sellers) and payment levels.

If you’re looking for a marketing specialist, you may explore the Gigs, look through the portfolios of different freelancers, and contact them if you’re interested.

If you wish to recruit someone with a specific speciality, you may use the on-site filtering tools to narrow down your search. An on-site wizard assists you in narrowing down your options.

To be completely honest, it is worth noting that the platform itself provides very little help. There is no chat facility, no help email, and no phone number to call if you have a problem with a freelancer.

For example, if you want a refund, Fiverr will only intervene if the freelancer agrees to refund your payment. Even so, the amount is credited to your Fiverr account rather than being returned to your bank, PayPal, or other payment methods.

4. Contently

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Visit Contently

If you want to engage marketing consultants who specialize in brand and content marketing, Contently is a terrific place to start. Over 140,000 writers, editors, designers, and filmmakers are part of Contently’s global talent network.

Access to the company’s enterprise content marketing platform and content planning services are also provided (if you opt for it).

Typically, the site provides marketing professionals for one-time content development. Blog entries, white papers, animations, infographics, and video scripts are examples of content.

Contently freelancers typically develop a comprehensive portfolio that is open to the public. All freelancers go through a rigorous vetting process; you’ll find freelancers that have worked with huge brands such as Google, Walmart, IBM, and others.

You can look at the freelancer’s turnaround times and editor ratings. Contently sets you up by providing you with a content team of various freelancers who can assist you with your marketing efforts. You can then assign tasks to each freelancer or invite them to submit pitches.

Personalized recommendations and a worldwide talent network, on the other hand, come at a high cost. There are many payment levels for various categories of material. Rates can be very high if you deal with influencers or marketing professionals.

Despite its relatively costly charges, Contently offers a hiring mechanism that allows you access to some of the world’s best talent. A good internal communication system and a committed support team also ensure that you have everything you need.

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