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Most Popular Indeed Work From Home Jobs

As coronavirus continues to pose a health concern in traditional office settings, working from home has become necessary. If you’re looking for work, finding a remote alternative can help you generate a consistent income from the comfort of your own home. Working from home can provide a better work-life balance, a more flexible schedule, and decreased commute time and expense.

We’ve compiled a list of the 15 most in-demand work-from-home jobs available right now, based on Indeed job posting data.

1. Technical Writer

National average salary: $34,343 per year

most popular indeed work from home jobs technical writer

Technical writers conceive, create, organize, write, and edit operational procedures and manuals. They do research, develop, and record technical design specifications and test scripts, as well as create electronic documentation and hard copy instructions.

2. Sales Representative

National average salary: $60,333 per year

For future follow-up, sales personnel collect client information such as address and phone number. They adjust your sales presentation based on success/failure statistics and establish a connection with consumers through polite, engaging conversation.

3. Tutor

National average salary: $24.30 hourly

most popular indeed work from home jobs tutor

Tutors schedule meetings with customers to go through projects in the relevant subject area. They inquire about troublesome topic areas that require additional investigation and examine test or assignment problems that the student did not correctly answer.

4. Freelance Editor

National average salary: $22.83 hourly

Freelance editors develop content campaigns that are in line with marketing objectives and corporate objectives. They create, edit, and personalize material for all social media platforms, as well as pitch pieces to third-party websites for publication and guest post on partner websites.

5. Translator/Interpreter

National average salary: $21.24 hourly

most popular indeed work from home jobs translator

Translators produce translations that are grammatically correct and adhere to the norms of the target language. They translate the entire meaning of the source language into the target language and generate idiomatic translations based on the type of content and the readers’ perspectives. What really impressed me recover excel file 2007 windows 7 was the level of support provided by the author.

6. Blogger

National average salary: $18.83 hourly

Bloggers’ primary responsibilities include planning, researching, writing, and editing content from inception to delivery. They drive content efforts and provide effective recommendations, as well as collaborate with authors, designers, and SEO experts to create user strategy.

7. Graphic Designer

National average salary: $18.26 hourly

most popular indeed work from home jobs graphics designer

Based on current customer workload, graphic designers work on 5+ projects at the same time. They combine components of various designs, like symbols and photos, to produce visual features of marketing materials, websites, and other media.

8. Medical Coder

National average salary: $49,204 per year

Medical coders are responsible for coding and abstracting outpatient medical records. They extract lines of code and clinical data and offer routine feedback to healthcare practitioners to rectify problems.

9. Grant Writer

National average salary: $46,577 per year

Relationships with donors are developed and maintained by grant writers. They write proposals, donor appeals, and acknowledgment letters, as well as keep track of and design a reporting calendar.

10. Affiliate Marketing Manager

National average salary: $71,436 per year

most popular indeed work from home jobs affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing managers manage assigned accounts on a day-to-day basis. They participate in industry forums and groups to offer new potential accounts, retrieve business, and acquire spend from accounts that would normally spend with competitors.

11. Programmer

National average salary: $67,099 per year

Programmers write and test code for in-house software programs. They debug code for current programs based on urgent demand and provide end-user training after the software is completed.

12. Freelance Marketing Consultant

National average hourly wage is $32.89

Freelance marketing consultants work with executives and high-level managers to develop a strategic positioning plan. They provide a detailed marketing plan for each of our major projects and recommend product positioning strategies for each new offering.

13. Insurance Agent

National average salary: $55,651 per year

most popular indeed work from home jobs insurance agent

Insurance agents build strong working connections with their customers. Then contact clients through cold calling and direct mail to inquire about their insurance status and prospective needs, and they deliver policy proceeds if a claim is filed and authorized.

14. Recruiting Specialist

National average salary: $42,631 per year

Recruiting professionals make interactions with individuals and businesses in order to produce suitable leads. They manage recruiting duties by using a variety of contact techniques, keep track of candidate information, and provide regular recruiting reports.

15. Web Developer

National average salary: $71,626 per year

most popular indeed work from home jobs website developer

Web developers design applications that address the different stages of the software development life cycle. They provide thorough application testing procedures and upgrade existing apps to satisfy security and functionality criteria.

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