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How Small Business Growth Alliance Can Help Your Business?

Small Business Growth Alliance (SBGA) is a merchant account provider operated by the same executive team that runs Merchant Services, Inc. Although the company bills itself as a general provider of marketing and back-office solutions, the majority of its goods and services are tied to electronic payments.

What SBGA Has to Offer?

SBGA’s website products and services are listed below.

1. Electronic Funds Transfers

how small business growth alliance help business electronic fund transfers

Whatever your business requirements are, SBGA offers electronic payment system solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements.

The organization understands that your consumers want a variety of payment choices, and you want to keep your customers happy. You win on both counts with our systems and solutions.

2. Payroll Services

SBGA’s payroll services eliminate the need for pen and paper by delivering a secure, online payroll system with an easy-to-use dashboard that keeps you in charge of your payroll. It allows you to monitor and approve payroll remotely using a smartphone app, and it automatically calculates benefit deductions such as medical, 401(k), and wage garnishments, as well as tracking accrued time off such as vacation and sick leave.

3. Web Management

how small business growth alliance help business web management

SBGA employs Vanguard Web Management’s complete service programs, which contain everything you need to generate higher ranks on key search engines and online directories, engage your target audience, and track your online reputation, all with flat-rate pricing that allows you to stay on budget.

4. Accounting Services

SGBA’s QuickBooks® integration solution allows you to accept payments from within your QuickBooks® Pro, Premier, and Enterprise software programs, as well as integrate your sales transactions, removing the need for manual and potentially erroneous recording.

With this degree of sales precision and agility, you’ll be less concerned with cash flow and transaction processing and more concerned with expanding your organization.

5. Capital Funding

how small business growth alliance help business capital funding

If you need money to develop your business but don’t have the time to wait for a small-business loan approval, our capital finance solutions can provide you with a quick infusion of cash that you may spend however you choose.

SBGA can deposit funds straight into your business account within 7 to 10 business days, whether you need to pay off business debt, purchase new equipment or grow your inventory, launch an advertising campaign, or expand your facilities.

6. Clover™ Platform

CloverTM is SBGA’s next-generation company management system, designed exclusively for small business owners. Clover is the only all-in-one solution you’ll need, according to the SBGA website, because it integrates everything your business requires into one simple system – from inventory management to marketing tools to tracking employee hours.

More About SBGA

Small Business Growth Alliance’s goods and services include credit card terminals, mobile phone processing, point-of-sale systems, reputation management services, payroll solutions, accounting solutions, and merchant cash advance. On its website, the company provides a phone support number as well as a contact form. It does not identify its management team, however its Nevada registration lists Jason Moore as the president of Small Business Growth Alliance.

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