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13 Best SAAS Recruitment Management Software for Small to Medium Sized Business

It takes time to find candidates, conduct interviews, and communicate with prospects. Hiring managers are frequently under pressure to fill positions as rapidly as possible. In the United States, however, it takes an average of 40 days to fill a vacant position.

Recruiters just cannot afford to devote so much time to hire. What can software engineers do to address these issues?

SaaS (software as a service) recruitment software helps speed up the hiring process.

Here are our best 13:

1. Bullhorn

best saas recruitment management software small medium sized business bullhorn

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Bullhorn helps you to automate workflows, allowing your company to grow even faster. This mobile-friendly cloud-based recruitment software allows for the viewing and modification of candidate records. You can also take notes and access data from any location.

You can customize the workflows to fit your company’s specific hiring requirements. It also includes a configurable search tool that employs cutting-edge technology to prioritize results based on relevancy.

2. Manatal

best saas recruitment management software small medium sized business manatal

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Manatal is a cloud-based human resources management (HRM) solution for recruiting agencies as well as mid- and large-sized organizations in a variety of industries. Among the features are sourcing, applicant tracking, a recommendation engine, team collaboration tools, and more.

Manatal offers a variety of sourcing tools and features to help employers locate qualified people, including a Google Chrome extension for importing LinkedIn profiles, job portal multi-posting, and custom career pages. An applicant tracking system (ATS) is also included, which provides customers with pipelines, AI-driven analytics, and candidate matching capabilities.

3. Cloudrecruit

best saas recruitment management software small medium sized business cloud recruit

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SMBs and headhunting firms will benefit from cloudrecruit, a recruiting software solution. Candidates can apply for jobs through a career site, and their applications will be reviewed for red flags automatically. The computer may look through candidates’ submissions for keywords and score them accordingly if they pass the initial screening procedure.

The technology keeps track of all recruiting progress as candidates go through phone and in-person interviews, allowing workers to submit input on people collectively. Users can set up notifications when a top-tier prospect applies for a position, and the platform keeps track of notes in each candidate’s profile.

4. RecruitmentWorx

best saas recruitment management software small medium sized business recruitmentworx

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RecruitmentWorx is a cloud-based recruitment CRM software solution and applicant tracking system trusted by recruitment professionals across the UK. It is geared to the needs of agencies and recruitment start-ups. It’s designed to help recruiters save time and money by allowing them to handle clients, candidates, job openings, and placements all from a single cloud-based platform.

The company’s reasonable and transparent pricing options make its UK-based recruiting database one of the most cost-effective on the market, and you and your team will feel right at home using the user interface’s simple and straightforward design.

5. CleverStaff

best saas recruitment management software small medium sized business cleverstaff

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CleverStaff is a recruiting automation and applicant tracking system. It’s a single platform with all the tools recruiters need to find suitable candidates, maintain track of open opportunities, and organize relevant data.

HR departments can spend more time evaluating candidates and less time on administrative activities with CleverStaff. This is due to the software’s ability to automate different portions of the recruiting process, as well as additional tasks such as report generation and resume processing. Through its ties to LinkedIn and local employment boards, the system connects recruiters with additional candidates. As a result, they are able to broaden their search for top talent.

6. ASAP Recruit

best saas recruitment management software small medium sized business asaprecruitment

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ASAP Recruit develops e-Recruitment software for corporate managers, human resource professionals, and recruiters. ASAP Recruit software was created to make recruiting much easier, faster, and more productive while also lowering corporate costs!

The cost of ASAP Recruit is determined by your company’s requirements. This will take into account the number of software users as well as the size of your company. ASAP Recruit offers a trial period to ensure that your HR requirements align with the offer.

7. FastTrack360

best saas recruitment management software small medium sized business fasttrack360

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FastTrack360 is an end-to-end recruitment management system that enables you to discover the best applicants for a job, track their time, pay them, and bill clients. And there’s more.

FastTrack360 recruitment software, which is hosted in the cloud, is designed to help you enhance your performance now while also providing you with borderless technology to help you develop in the future.

8. Jobsoid

best saas recruitment management software small medium sized business jobsoid

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Jobsoid is a cloud-based recruiting software platform that assists businesses in finding and hiring qualified workers. Video screening, automated responses, personalized emails, task management, and more features are included. In addition to shortlisting applications, it allows you to promote job openings.

9. TalentStream Recruit

best saas recruitment management software small medium sized business talent stream

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TalentStream Recruit, as the name implies, is a user-friendly recruitment management solution that assists firms in finding and hiring top talent. In a single suite, it includes the elements of a professional career site, applicant management, job boards, distribution, and other relevant services. It cultivates a pool of qualified candidates and keeps track of the hiring process using recruitment pipelines.

10. JobAdder

best saas recruitment management software small medium sized business jobadder

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This is a web-based recruiting software that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection using any web browser. Recruiters may manage and track job orders, as well as match applications and track their progress.

Candidate searching, resume processing, and internal candidate searches are among JobAdder’s additional features.

11. JazzHR


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JazzHR is a SaaS) platform for efficient applicant recruitment that is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It includes a number of sourcing tools that enable recruiters to post positions, duplicate internal approval processes, and syndicate jobs to many job boards all from one place.

You can also use the site to oversee the full interview process, including producing and mailing onboarding documents and setting up personalized reporting.

12. Breezy

best saas recruitment management software small medium sized business breezy

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Breezy is a small and medium-sized business recruiting platform. It provides a number of features, including applicant sourcing and evaluations, talent management, resume parsing, and more. This application is cloud-based and includes a specialized iOS app.

It also features a drag-and-drop interface for ease of use. It enables recruiters to communicate with potential applicants via custom emails, as well as auto-responding and interview scheduling.

13. Zoho Recruit

best saas recruitment management software small medium sized business zoho recruit

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Zoho Recruit is a terrific piece of software that includes capabilities to assist you with every phase of the hiring process. Small and medium-sized organizations will find it to be a great fit. It will assist you with everything from job applications to interview preparation. It will simplify all of the tasks required in the hiring process.

The Zoho Recruit software’s career portal is one of its most important features. This tool allows you to personalize the job recruitment portal to match your company’s branding.

Recruiting in the Digital Age

Using a cloud-based recruiting platform has many advantages, the most important of which is that it is a modern platform for current times. You’re holding yourself back if your company is still using paper or a legacy system that hasn’t been upgraded since the 1990s.

Agility is the key here. A cloud platform enables you to manage your recruiting while on the move and in any situation. Before the event, a promising applicant met at a networking event can be added to the system and screened. When you’re competing with dozens or hundreds of other organizations for the same recruit, timeliness is critical.

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