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20 Funny Work from Home Memes

Everything changed when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Employees were forced to work from home. And, while working from home has its perks, it is not without drawbacks. However, it frees you from commuting, seeing colleagues you don’t like, engaging in chit-chats you don’t care about, and sitting through dull unending meetings. But we know you miss having fun and laughing with some of your favorite coworkers.

That’s why we decided to compile a list of the most amusing work from home memes. We hope this brightens your day!

Wait, You Mean We Can Work From Home?


Because of the COVID-19 problem, companies are forced to allow a work-from-home setup to ensure the employees’ welfare. However, this work from home meme perfectly captures the thoughts of millions of workers around the world. It IS POSSIBLE to work from home. so why now?

The Transition

Remember when you so hyped to get up from work but then you remembered that your working from home.

Expectation VS Reality


They say your perception of others is how they perceive you. But, conceptual debates aside, this work-from-home meme may be correct in each and every direction. It all refers to the time of day.

It’s Opposite Day


When the water cooler is the main point of conversation and contact, extroverts sparkle. Introverts chose to live invisibly. Then Pandemic happened and now it’s the opposite day (or month or year).   So, to all you oppressed introverts, this is your moment in the spotlight.

When Someone Wants to See You On Cam

Wearing sunglasses to a client meeting might not be a good idea. But if you’re going to be on camera, you might as well channel your Vogue style.

Work-From-Home Struggle

Every work-from-home struggle especially when a deadline is just around the corner. It’s either a Yay or a Nay.

Every Work-from-home Parent’s Dilemma

Children add meaning to an otherwise meaningless existence. Or so they say—until you’re on a video call with your boss and trying to create a positive impression. Working from home with children in this case equates to career stagnation. Better prepare the distractions before your next call.

Eventually, You Miss Dressing Up

A year after the COVID19 breakout and staying at home the longest, You eventually miss wearing those casual working clothes and pointy heels you’ve kept in the cabinet.

Transition at its Best

Remember when you used to wake up two hours before you had to get to work? Now, a two-minute commute is the new norm. Thank goodness you clean up well.

Zoom After Zoom

Meeting after another meeting is so tiring, This calls for a good drink.

Don’t Rush to Judge

You’d think that with all the extra flexibility that remote work provides, you’d be able to get your act together. But, with children running around, spouses enjoying their newfound work arrangement, and a slew of other considerations, you can’t be too quick to pass judgment. What does the rest of your house look like, aside from the area in front of your camera? Let him/her who is without sin be the first to throw the first stone.

The Perks

Working hard could be very tiring sometimes and the only solution you have especially on a lockdown is Stress-Eating. Every work-from-home employee’s favorite perks.

Sanity Check

We love our family and all but sometimes, they could go a bit overboard if you know what I mean.

Just to Reiterate

That’s right. No pants necessary.

Sometimes Things Get Too Overwhelming

Have you seen “Cloverfield”? If not, it’s a monster movie (think Godzilla) that uses shaky, handheld camerawork to create suspense and the illusion that it’s being filmed through the characters’ eyes. Zoom calls with more than four participants cause the same disorientation. So you’ll either have to accept it or gradually teach your eyes to move in different directions. But at the very least, the latter is a cool parlor trick or enough to terrify the kids.

Sometimes Dressing-Up Sets the Mood

Sometimes we just have to hype ourselves up to just get in the mood and feel motivated.

Motivation at its Finest

when motivation is found in our favorite spot in the house in our most comfortable Pjs.

Just a Matter of Perception

They say your perception of others is how they perceive you. But philosophical debates aside, this work from home meme might be correct in all directions. It just depends on what time of day it is.

When Your Boss says Zoom Meeting in 5 Minutes

Working from home provides opportunities for work-life balanced and more productivity. But then-boss announces an impromptu meeting all of a sudden. Then it’s a zero-sum scenario for everyone.

You After Every End of Shift


The best part of working from home is that there is no more commuting, traffic, or changing. For you, it’s straight to bed.

Work from home memes, with all of the distractions that come with working from home—kids, spouses, and social media—provide a fast escape that only takes a few seconds out of your day. You’ll be ready to confront the workload at home for the foreseeable future if you keep a smile on your face.

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