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Capsule CRM Review: Best CRM for Small Businesses

Capsule CRM has a sizable following in the web-based CRM market. It first went live in 2008 and has experienced rapid growth in popularity. It bills itself as an easy-to-use relationship management tool, and that is exactly what it is.

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Capsule’s primary focus is on tracking relationships and sales pipelines. Capsule has less functionality in other elements of CRM, like campaigns and reporting, yet it is an excellent choice as a CRM for small businesses. There are steps you can recover cut files from phone take to recover files from an unallocated SD card.

Capsule CRM’s Features

Capsule’s feature set isn’t going to blow you away, but that’s OK — or even great — depending on what you’re trying to achieve. The features it does have will do a fine job of arranging a reasonably simple activity.

1. Contacts

capsule crm review best crm small businesses contact management

When prospecting, you can add a person or an organization, or import contacts from a spreadsheet you already have as long as it’s in CSV format, saving you a lot of time from having to manually enter everything.

Capsule CRM automation examines the fields in the CSV spreadsheet and uses them to create fields in the software.

If the contacts are loaded, you may search for them within the software, and once you find your contact, you can click on his or her name to bring up all of the contact’s information.

To track your sales progress, you can add an opportunity or a case to the contact. You may also create notes and connect files to contacts.

When you assign tasks to your contacts, such as calling them back on a specific date, you will see all of your forthcoming tasks on the left side of the main dashboard and all of the most recent updates on the right.

The software does an excellent job of making it easy to access your contacts and indicating when you should make your next sales pitch.

2. Opportunities

capsule crm review best crm small businesses sales pipeline

You can define information such as expected value, expected close date, and milestones for new opportunities (such as suspect, prospect, or win).

The data you input is automatically entered into your sales pipeline, which displays a list of your opportunities and their current status. You can change this to provide a different prospect date range at particular milestones, for example.

You can create your own custom fields, which gives you some freedom. These custom fields can be added to individuals and organizations, as well as opportunities and cases.

3. Cases

Cases can be managed in the same way as contacts are, by attaching tasks and notes to keep track of where the issue is.

By connecting the case with a contact, you’ll be able to see it in the contact’s history, along with any notes you made about the case, even after you’ve resolved it. When speaking with a consumer, this provides crucial context.

Reporting Capsule CRM includes reporting capabilities, but only for users that subscribe to the commercial edition. The software generates data on anticipated sales, conversion rates, spot patterns, won/lost opportunities over time, and other information.

Capsule CRM’s Ease of Use

This is where Capsule shines the brightest. When you sign up, you’ll be given a one-of-a-kind URL: [yourchosenname] You can access the CRM from anywhere using this URL.

When you first log in, you’re greeted with the dashboard and several useful icons in the top left that lead you immediately to your sales funnel, calendar, contacts, and cases. You can also add tasks to the left-hand toolbar.

It’s as simple as browsing your contacts, calendar, or opportunities page and phoning the number that appears.

After making the call, you may click on the contact or opportunity to write a quick note on how it went and then go into the calendar to set a reminder to call back (and attach it to a specific case or opportunity).

You can set goals for your team and track their progress through the reporting section, however, this requires a paid subscription.

Capsule CRM’s Customer Support

Capsule, like most CRMs, includes a library of articles to help you fix problems on your own. Articles such as “How to Import Contacts” and “G Suite Integration” might assist you with some of the basic tasks.

To contact Capsule, you can use the form on their website, or you can email or tweet @capsulecrm. However, no phone number appears to be easily available. Its website states that its customer care team will respond Monday through Friday.

Pricing for Capsule CRM

capsule crm review best crm small businesses pricing

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Capsule is available in a free version for up to two users. It only allows for 10 megabytes of storage and 250 contacts, so it’s very limited, but it does allow you to try out the program before investing in a commercial version.

This is an excellent choice for small sales teams or sole proprietorships who don’t have a lot of money to invest and only require a simple CRM.

The Professional version costs $12 per month per user and is available for free for 30 days. You get two gigabytes of storage per user and 50,000 contacts with that, so it’s a significant improvement in capability. – recover chk files Download and install data recovery software: There are several data recovery software options available online.

Capsule CRM: The Most Effective CRM for Small Businesses

The ideal Capsule CRM client appears to be rather obvious: Based on the fact that there is a free version and that the platform is fairly simple, this is unquestionably the best option for a sales team of a few people that simply require basic organization.

If your team needs detailed reporting and analysis, numerous connectors with third-party apps, phone assistance, and considerable customization possibilities, you should seek elsewhere.

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