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7 Best Open Source Accounting Software for Small Businesses

When it comes to organizing billings, debts, stocks, invoices, and any other type of financial transaction, accounting software is a must. You might need something for your personal finances, or you might need accounting software for your business. Whatever the case may be, open source solutions should be considered.

So, in this article, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top open-source accounting software that we think you’ll find useful.

1. ERPNext

best open source accounting software for small businesses erpnext

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ERPNext is a small and medium-sized business-oriented open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Accounting, project and task management, sales, purchasing, inventory, customer relationship management, administration, human resource management, manufacturing, and other tasks are all made easier with it.

It has a lot of features that are all combined into one platform for easy management. Businesses in the service, manufacturing, retail, distribution, healthcare, education, non-profit, and agriculture sectors will benefit the most from this system.

2. GnuCash

best open source accounting software for small businesses gnucash

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GnuCash is a strong candidate if you’re seeking free desktop accounting software for your small business. All you have to do to get this free accounting software is go to the GnuCash website and download it—as it’s simple as that. GnuCash is a personal and small business accounting software that includes features like customer and vendor monitoring, work costing, and invoicing for small businesses.

3. LedgerSMB

best open source accounting software for small businesses ledgersmb

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The accounting system LedgerSMB is a double entry system. It’s a fork of the popular SQL-Ledger general ledger software program, and it aims to improve security and data integrity controls, as well as providing greater community support, open documentation, and more.

Accounting data is kept on a SQL Database Server, which can be local or remote, and can be accessed by a typical web browser. A chart of accounts connects the various parts of the system. A transaction table stores all AR, AP, and GL transactions. You can view transactions posted through AR, AP, and GL using hyperlinks from the chart of accounts.

4. Wave

best open source accounting software for small businesses waveapps

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Wave accounting software is a top free accounting software to examine from the start of your quest. You can connect an infinite number of bank and credit card accounts to your books with this option. You can also add as many revenue tracking, expense tracking, and guest collaborators as you want for free. In addition, you will be able to invoice and scan receipts for free.

Each credit card payment costs 2.9 percent + $0.30, and each ACH payment costs 1 percent (with a minimum of $1). You’ll have to pay for payroll through Wave as well. You’ll pay a monthly base cost of $35 or $20, plus $4 each employee and contractor on your payroll, depending on where you conduct business.

5. OpenMiracle

best open source accounting software for small businesses open miracle

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OpenMiracle is a free and open source accounting software that serves as a one-stop shop for all of your business’s needs. It’s simple to use, but it’s also powerful and adaptable, and it’s built on professional accounting principles to ensure that your books are balanced and your reports are accurate. Furthermore, the beauty of it is that it can be utilized by anyone with only little accounting understanding.

6. Akaunting

best open source accounting software for small businesses akaunting

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You should also look into Akaunting, which is a free accounting program. This selection includes several of the most important features that accounting software for small businesses should have. You’ll be able to invoice, sync accounts, track spending, set up regular bills, manage customers, and manage vendors with this technology.

To use more advanced features, such as online payments, you’ll need to download third-party apps, which will cost you a yearly charge in addition to whatever expenses you have to pay for this third-party account.

7. Zoho Invoice

best open source accounting software for small businesses zoho invoice

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Zoho Invoice is a great alternative if you’re seeking the best free accounting software to automate your invoicing procedures. You can invoice customers and manage payments through a single account with Zoho Invoice’s free version. Through a client portal, you’ll be able to personalize and brand invoice templates, track spending, and engage with customers. You may also keep track of your time with integrated time tracking.

Free Accounting Software: Is It Worth It?

Free accounting software is fantastic since it allows you to avoid paying a monthly fee, which can help you save money. And, especially when you’re just getting started, $0 a month for accounting software can be a non-negotiable budget.

If you choose free accounting software for your small business, though, you will certainly miss out on a few features that other accounting software solutions provide. In some circumstances, the capabilities that free software lacks could actually save your business money.

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