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8 Best Inventory Management Software for Small Business

Inventory management software is typically designed with certain target markets in mind. This means that the ideal software for your firm is determined by your specific business requirements.

The right software will help you save time and money by streamlining your daily operations. It will accomplish this while guaranteeing that you are not overpaying for functionality that your company does not require.

We’ll introduce you to the 8 best inventory management software to help you choose the proper software.

1. inFlow Inventory

best inventory management software small business inflowinventory

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InFlow Inventory is an excellent inventory management system for small enterprises on a budget. You can also get extra features with inFlow’s premium plans, which are some of the most affordable available, starting at $79.00 per month.

Furthermore, inFlow is incredibly simple to use, with many of its inventory tracking capabilities automated. It even has a superb mobile app that allows for barcode scanning and keeps your sales agents and inventory manager on the same page when it comes to stock inventory levels.

inFlow Inventory is less expensive because it is more stripped-down than the other platforms on our list.

While it simplifies inventory management, inFlow limits the number of orders you may handle each month before you are charged extra.

2. Ordoro

best inventory management software small business ordoro

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Ordoro  has vendor management features that make dropshipping simple. You can, for example, assign vendors to certain products in your catalog. Then, if a customer wants certain things, Ordoro may automatically direct the order to the proper vendor, eliminating the middleman (you), increasing supply chain efficiency, and ensuring your consumers receive their items as soon as possible.

We also like how Ordoro allows for an atypical inventory management method. For example, you can purposefully oversell your goods or limit the amount of in-stock items visible to your clients, both of which create the sense of scarcity and encourage your potential purchasers to finish their purchase. Finally, this allows you to make a higher profit and avoid maintaining costly surplus goods.

3. Cin7

best inventory management software small business cin7

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Most enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions have modules for every part of your organization (such as accounting, point of sale, inventory, and shipping), and you are charged for each module you add to your plan. These expenses build up, making ERP systems prohibitively expensive for all but the largest businesses.

Cin7 breaks the mold by including built-in modules as part of your package. Cin7 includes B2B ecommerce features, manufacturing features, and even a payment site in addition to a fully integrated POS system. That’s on top of the barcode scanning, inventory tracking, and order fulfillment functionality you’d expect from an inventory system.

Cin7 also provides extensive demand forecasting and multichannel capabilities, including five-minute cross-channel synchronizing. This ensures that you have a dynamic inventory system that is always up to date, allowing you to achieve proper inventory management with no effort.

4. Upserve

best inventory management software small business upserve

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Upserve offers a dynamic inventory solution to meet the specific needs of restaurants. Upserve, in particular, focuses more on expiration date tracking and unique supply chain demands (such as chilled transportation) than other inventory control software solutions.

Furthermore, Upserve offers features tailored specifically to eateries. You can, for example, utilize Upserve inventory software to build recipes for the foods you sell, tailoring each recipe with the exact ingredients and amounts required. When you sell that dish, Upserve can automatically deduct the quantity of the items used from your inventory levels.

5. Fishbowl Manufacturing

best inventory management software small business fishbowlinventory

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You may develop complex bills of materials (BOMs)  with Fishbowl Manufacturing. The platform has multi-level BOMs, which allow you to track inventory expenses item by item for each project you complete. Furthermore, because Fishbowl’s inventory software is designed to interact with QuickBooks accounting software, you can effortlessly sync your inventory and accounting systems to keep track of these costs.

Fishbowl Manufacturing also has multi-level work orders, which allow you to group work orders across different production stages to build a unified production plan. Each phase can be allocated to a different employee and include its own set of instructions and calculations. This allows you to keep better track of your manufacturing jobs and assists your clients with supply chain management.

However, because Fishbowl is a local software, it is only available on desktops and laptops. You’ll have to pay extra for the Fishbowl Go add-on to receive barcode scanning and other on-the-go warehouse capabilities (such physical inventory counts).

6. Zoho Inventory

best inventory management software small business zoho inventory

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Customers can accept backorders on out-of-stock items, arrange dropshipping, and handle multi-currency transactions using Zoho’s free plan. This allows small firms to maintain their inventory organized without having to worry about their restricted expenses.

However, if you choose to increase your plan, you will receive enhanced features. You can manage several warehouses, maintain serial numbers and batches, and connect various Shopify stores to your account.

However, we believe Zoho is best suited to small businesses. Businesses are limited to 30,000 online and offline orders per month, even on the platform’s most advanced plan.

7. FreshBooks

best inventory management software small business freshbooks

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Although it is most recognized as an accounting system and software, FreshBooks also provides rudimentary inventory management for freelancers and small enterprises.

Managing even little amounts of inventory requires effort, whether you offer simply a few distinct things or want to start selling physical items on top of your service business. Especially if you sell across 2+ sales channels.

FreshBooks works smoothly with 2ship and Barcloud to meet your inventory monitoring, accounting, shipping, and asset management needs. If you’re already managing inventory on Squarespace or Shopify, FreshBooks can automatically import data from those platforms for an even better inventory management experience.

8. Sortly

best inventory management software small business sortly

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Sortly is an excellent inventory management system for small non-retail organizations. It’s an excellent choice for companies searching for a quick and straightforward solution to their inventory and asset management problems. Those who loathe reading words on spreadsheets would appreciate its visual appearance.

Its extremely user-friendly functionality enables your team to quickly learn how to track key facts about your merchandise. This also means that you will not require substantial product training. Sortly includes the majority of the fundamental inventory management software capabilities, such as warehouse management, inventory control, barcode scanning, and basic inventory reports.

Choosing the Best Inventory Management Software

The best inventory management software allows for the creation of the best perpetual inventory systems.

When it comes to inventory software, you now have numerous options besides the traditional spreadsheet. It’s simple to try out new software, whether it’s your first time using more advanced inventory software or your third. Most provide free trials or some kind of complimentary plan to determine whether the product is good for you.

Every step of the way, a great inventory management solution is waiting for you.

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