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What is Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday (SBS) is a day set aside each year to support small businesses around the United States. American Express launched the event in 2010 and it takes place on the Saturday following Thanksgiving.

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SBS, which occurs between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is a mainstay of the post-Thanksgiving shopping weekend. This event encourages people to go out and shop at their local neighborhood stores.

Small Business Saturday Fast Facts

Here are some quick facts about the national shopping holiday:

  • Small Business Saturday began in 2010
  • The Senate passed a resolution in support of the day in 2011
  • In 2013, there were 1,400 Neighborhood Champions.
  • In 2018, roughly $19.6 billion was spent by 7,500 US consumers on Small Business Saturday 2019.

Who Can Participate?

Small Business Saturday was designed specifically for small enterprises. Small companies must, of course, participate in order for the shopping holiday to exist. However, small businesses aren’t the only ones who can take part:

  • Small businesses
  • Consumers
  • Communities
  • Corporations
  • Government representatives

The great thing about Small Business Saturday is that anyone can participate.

The day is promoted by Neighborhood Champions in order to get local businesses and customers interested. They are outspoken fans of the shopping day, promoting it on social media, blogs, and in the community, as well as organizing community events.

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Why You Should Get Involved in SBS?

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to get engaged in SBS:

1. Make Your Business Stand Out

Make the most of Small Business Saturday by highlighting your business’s individuality. By emphasizing your company’s uniqueness, you may focus on the aspects that set it apart from the competitors.

When consumers enter your small business, tell them about the history of your firm. Connect your customers to your brand’s story to differentiate your company. You can interact with customers, create a memorable and personalized shopping experience, set aside time to answer queries, and promptly handle problems, unlike busy businesses.

Small Business Saturday is not your opportunity to compete with the massive discounts that national companies can provide. It is your opportunity to demonstrate to customers why investing a little more in quality and distinctiveness is worthwhile.

2. Increase Sales Figures

Meeting sales estimates is a huge concern for most businesses. And, if COVID-19 has an impact on your sales, you may be looking for strategies to raise them before the end of the year. Small Business Saturday can assist your small business increase revenue. Customers may be more likely to spend more because it is a prime shopping day.

Consider expanding the types of payments you take to increase sales. To avoid losing sales, you should start accepting credit card payments as well as mobile payments. Many customers only use credit cards or mobile wallets while shopping, and refusing to accept these payment methods could cost you business.

3. Increase Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is essential for running a business that customers can rely on. Customers may be unable to identify your company if you do not have brand awareness. Whether you’re a new small business or have been in operation for a while, Small Business Saturday can help you boost brand awareness.

Small Business Saturday is well-known to millions of customers. When you leverage American Express’s SBS national advertising campaigns, you may increase brand awareness and credibility for your company.

4. Show Your Community That You’re in It for the Long Term

Being an involved member of your community is an important component of establishing your small business’s reputation.

Show your neighborhood what your company is made of this Small Business Saturday. Inform them that you aim to make your firm a permanent fixture in the region. Also, inform them that their business is not going unappreciated.

Participating in your community allows you to connect with other organizations and members of your community. It can also increase consumer loyalty and inspire consumers to support your small business.

5. Enhance Future Marketing Efforts

Small Business Saturday is also an excellent opportunity to grow your consumer base and hence increase your future marketing efforts.

When new consumers walk into your store, make a note of their contact information. Request email addresses, names, and phone numbers from customers. Encourage people to follow your small company on social media. Later on, follow up with your new contacts via email marketing.

Take advantage of Small Business Saturday to meet new consumers. Ask questions and keep track of your customers’ shopping habits to learn about their likes and dislikes. This allows you to adjust future marketing efforts.

SBS for Online Businesses

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Even if your company does not have a physical location, you can still benefit from Small Business Saturday. With a few changes, many of the ideas presented above can be used in an internet business. You may, for example, collaborate with other internet firms to increase your reach. You may also use the digital tools included in the Shop Small kit to spread the word on your website and social media.

If you operate an e-commerce store, this is a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on Small Business Saturday and Shop Small. Try launching a promotional campaign on Small Business Saturday that provides limited-time discounts, incentives, or VIP memberships. Engage with your current and potential customers on social media to promote the campaign.

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