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Nimble CRM Review: Inexpensive Platform With A Whole Lot Of Efficient Tools

Nimble is a CRM platform that focuses on communication and made it easy to stay in touch with prospects and clients. The platform features strong capabilities for generating new leads, as well as a user-friendly interface for managing messaging, segmenting clients, and staying on top of social media. Nimble CRM software is also shockingly affordable for what it offers.

Communication Management

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The unified inbox is one useful feature of Nimble. Messages from your email, Twitter account, Microsoft Teams, and other networks can all be accessed in one location. Unfortunately, Facebook messages are not available here because Facebook dropped support for most CRM platforms in 2015.

All of your discussions with a customer or lead are saved to that contact, so you can easily review what was said. This record can be shared with your team or kept private if you choose. Furthermore, if you have a contact’s social network information saved, Nimble will automatically display their most recent postings so you can see what they’ve been up to since your last message.

Lead Prospecting

The software provides a genuinely remarkable array of options for importing contacts into your CRM database.

If you’re looking for fresh leads, you can use Nimble’s email signature parsing function to automatically extract contact information from email footers. Field salespeople may also use Nimble’s mobile app to snap a photo of a business card. Nimble will analyze the data and generate a new contact for you.

Alternatively, you may use the Smart Contacts app. When you click on a person’s or company’s name, this browser plugin will automatically pull up whatever social media and contact information it can locate for you. Even better, you may save that information to a new contact directly from your browser.

Last but not least, there is Nimble’s ‘prospector’ feature. When you visit a company’s website, this application will automatically retrieve all of the contacts it can discover, including those on pages that aren’t accessible via the site’s public navigation. Just keep in mind that your subscription only includes 10 prospector tool usage each month.

When you have contacts in your database, you may segment them in any way you like. Nimble’s unique fields come into play here. To build flexible lists, just add tags and then drag & drop them onto your contacts.

Interface and In Use

nimble crm review inexpensive platform with a whole lot of efficient tools interface

Nimble’s UI is very simple to use, which is very impressive given the number of tools available on this platform. The dashboard is the most noticeable feature, since it provides a clear summary of everything you need to know when you first arrive at work in the morning. Your dashboard displays ongoing transactions as well as status updates, forthcoming events, new communications, and social media updates from your connections. All of the information presented may be customized, including the ability to label people as ‘essential’ to prioritize their updates and communications.

The remainder of Nimble’s tools is organized into six tabs, making it easy to discover what you’re looking for. Even better, the platform doesn’t require any setup right away, so by the conclusion of the 14-day free trial, you should have a decent idea of what Nimble can accomplish for you.

Nimble does feature a mobile app for iOS and Android, which is a huge benefit if you have field salespeople. It’s simply a mobile version of the online client, with the addition of the ability to scan business cards. It would be ideal if Nimble’s mobile app made features for social media management more accessible, as this is a frequent on-the-go requirement. However, this is a small inconvenience.


Nimble’s support is quite underwhelming. Customer service is only available via live chat or email, and replies might often take until the following business day. Furthermore, despite the fact that the Nimble team hosts weekly webinars, there is shockingly little documentation regarding the platform’s features.

Pricing and Plans

nimble crm review inexpensive platform with a whole lot of efficient tools pricing

Nimble’s pricing is straightforward, with a single plan accessible for $19 per user per month if paid annually or $25 per user per month if paid monthly. All of Nimble’s capabilities are included, as well as up to 25,000 contacts, 1,000 custom fields, and 2 GB of storage capacity per user. If you require additional contacts or storage, you may upgrade.


Nimble is an extremely powerful CRM software for businesses wanting to create new leads and stay in touch with existing clients. The platform has an easy-to-use UI, several connectors, and some complex lead scraping features. While Nimble is not a full-fledged project management software, it is an excellent option for small businesses looking to optimize the value of their communications.

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