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5 Best Places to Look for Small Business for Sale

Some people are fortunate enough to come upon a million-dollar idea and launch a business. Don’t worry if this isn’t you. There are a plethora of tried-and-true business concepts to choose from.

If you wish to pursue your ambition of becoming an entrepreneur without having to start from scratch, consider this: Find a small business for sale and buy it.

Best Ways to Find a Small Business for Sale

There are numerous places where one might find a business to buy, ranging from the internet to personal contacts and beyond. Here are a few of the top online and offline places to look for a business to buy.

1. Other Small Business Owners

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You may be referred to someone in your network who is looking to sell a business by a business owner you know. Some people may even want to sell their own businesses. A fast message to a LinkedIn contact or a networking event interaction with a business owner could lead to new chances you weren’t aware of. Consider joining a local chamber of commerce or looking for online business groups to interact with more people in your area.

2. Business Brokers

A business broker acts as a middleman between buyers and sellers, facilitating the sale of a company. Some business brokers specialize in a certain region or industry. So look for someone who is knowledgeable about the type of firm you want to buy. Inquire immediately with the business broker of your choosing to see if they are dealing with any sellers who have businesses in your desired categories.

3. Your Larger Network

Your larger network of contacts may also be able to provide you with information on firms that are for sale. Business associates, coworkers, and even social media connections may be included in this network. Discuss your objectives with these people, or make a post about the type of business you want to start. Some people may have helpful suggestions or contacts.

4. Ads in Local Media or On Websites

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Hyperlocal business listings can be found in your local newspaper, online publications, and even message boards. Business owners who want to sell their company might post classified advertising in order to find a qualified buyer or broker. So look through these listings or use a keyword search to find relevant local sites. You could even run your own ads to see if any local business owners are interested in selling but have yet to take the first step.

Online Business For Sale Listings

Another way to look for businesses for sale online is on one of the many sites dedicated to the task. Here are some websites you might want to check out as you begin your business path.


best places to look small business sale business for sale website

Visit BusinessesForSale is a website that lists over 58,000 businesses for sale. To find the most relevant opportunities, you can search by state, city, and keyword.

Gas stations, coffee shops, and pet grooming businesses are among the most popular categories on, with varying pricing ranges and revenue potential. International opportunities are also available all over the world.

2. BizBuySell

best places to look small business sale bizbuysell

Visit BizBuySell

BizBuySell is the world’s largest online marketplace for buying and selling businesses. Franchise options, independent businesses, and brokers are all available. And there are a plethora of solutions to suit all budgets and sectors.

A Business for Sale feature on the marketplace might help you find firms to buy in your region. A free ebook called the BizBuySell Guide to Buying a Small Business is now available for download.


best places to look small business sale businessmart

Visit BusinessMart is a marketplace where buyers and sellers can meet. You can look for businesses and franchise opportunities based on their industry, location, and investment amount.

A vendor search function and links to relevant brokers and funding possibilities are also available on the site. So, you can use the website as both a source of information and a place to look for firms for sale.


best places to look small business sale businessbroker

Visit BusinessBroker

Though the name can be misleading, allows you to search for much more than a business broker. You can search the website for a business for sale by customizing the type of business you are interested in as well as your minimum and maximum budget. You can also select the location by state.

You can look through the results after you’ve finished your search. The asking price, cash flow, and revenue figures are all included in the listings. Before determining whether or not to add a business to your request info basket for further information, you can read a brief description of it.


best places to look small business sale bizquest

Visit BizQuest provides access to franchises and businesses for sale, along with information on local brokers. You can search businesses for sale by keyword or even browse by city, state, industry, or brand. There are also opportunities for buying franchises, assets, companies, and real estate on the platform.

You can peruse the list of results and even save the ones you’re most interested in after conducting a search for a business for sale. After reading the brief description, click through for more information. BizQuest provides a simple form that allows you to communicate directly with the seller.

6. Exchange

best places to look small business sale exchange marketplace

Visit Exchange Marketplace

Exchange is a website dedicated to assisting buyers in their search for an online business for sale. You can use Exchange to look for existing business websites. Gifts and collectibles, fashion and clothes, services and consultancy, home and furnishings, health and beauty, and a variety of other categories are among the online businesses included.

Browse company websites by category, then view the ones that interest you the most. The URL, the asking price, average income, average profit, and average monthly sessions are all listed.

7. Loopnet

best places to look small business sale loopnet

Visit Loop Net

Loopnet distinguishes itself by offering not only the opportunity to acquire a business but also the opportunity to buy or lease commercial property. Office, industrial, retail, restaurant, specialist, healthcare, and other categories are available. There are also advertisements for multifamily units for sale, providing an opportunity for individuals in the apartment rental sector.

After selecting the property type and location, you will receive listings that include a photo, square footage, and pricing. There are also maps of each property’s location as well as demographic information about possible surrounding customers such as household income, absolute population, and local consumer expenditure.

Buying a Small Business for Sale

You’re done once you’ve gone through everything with a lawyer. You’re only one signature away from purchasing a small business.

We’ve now streamlined the last steps in purchasing a small business for sale. There is a lot that goes into purchasing an existing firm, and you will need to devote some time to the entire process. But, now that you know how to identify businesses for sale, you’re off to a good start.

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