10 Best Funny Quitting Job Videos

Are you thinking of quitting? It’s always satisfying to watch someone quit their job in a epic way.

There are only a few bold people that leave their jobs in a boss-like manner. Here are some of the best funny quitting job videos.

1. Quitting The Job While Dancing And Singing

What better way to say you quit than to express it through dancing and singing.

2. Let The Pens Decide Game


I think it was meant to be. #penchallenge #penandcupchallenge #penincupchallenge #relatable

♬ original sound – 2goodmarshall

When you are still in doubt, let the pens decide for you.

3. My Kind of Hotline


day 3 of unemployment is going GREAT for me!!! #EatFreshRefresh #foryourpride #philly #corporate #quitting #partying #goingout

♬ original sound – bran_flakezz

This is the kind of hotline I want next to 911. So love the accent tho!

4. Sometimes You Take Matters to Your Own Hand.


just walked out my job lol wbu?? no but fr i was miserable and FED UP. #job #quit #foryou #lol #fyp #oops #work

♬ original sound – kyn

Always feeling burned out instead of enjoying work because of poor management? Then take matters into your own hands.

5. Do What You Love


The best way to success is to do what you love the most.

7. If The Pens Don’t Work, You Could Also Try the Weenie.


Wait for it.. #work #worklife #quittingmyjob

♬ Chunk Daville on Spotify – chunk daville

No pen no problem! You could always try the sausage.

8. Have you seen….?


Haha #fyp #foryou #redacejasss

♬ original sound – Karan.wrld

Why would you quit your job if this is your salary? Sarcasm at its best.

9. Finally Quitted But Rendered Service Is A Must


#officejoke #iquitmyjob #lols #funny #trending #viral #joke #pov #vlog #搞笑 #搞笑视频 #foryoupage #fyp #tiktoksg #sgtiktok

♬ 我没得救了 – Saya mahu jatuh cint

You finally said to your boss you quit, they say “Yes” but you have to render 1 month more of work to get cleared. Challenge accepted!

10. Quitting Work With A Twist


honestly may get fired before i quit 😭😂

♬ original sound – cxridtp

When you just wanted to quit your job but you’re doing it with a twist.

All of these quitting videos are hilarious and will definitely leave you feeling satisfied. So, if you’re ever considering quitting your job, make sure to do it in style!

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