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7 Best Business Continuity Planning and Management Software

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Software is becoming increasingly popular in every nook and cranny. This software is a crucial software suite or software program that aids in the documentation of all critical information that a business may require in order to continue operating in the event of a disaster.

The software aids in the development of customer confidence. It helps in establishing confidence among all your staff as they would know what they should be doing in case a situation of crisis develops. It aids in sustaining the value of the brand as well as the reputation of the business.

Furthermore, it assists in mitigating financial risk, protecting the supply chain, and providing a competitive advantage over other businesses in the market.

Consider the list of the top 7 business continuity software that is currently ruling the market to learn about the top 7 business continuity software that is currently ruling the market.

1. Quantivate

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Quantivate is a provider of cross-industry Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software solutions used by banks, credit unions, manufacturers, retailers, and insurance providers, among others. The product aligns core practices to coherently manage GRC programs from a centralized, Single Sign On (SSO) environment, and is centered on the SaaS-based GRC Software Suite, which integrates seven modules, all of which are also available standalone.

The Quantivate Mobile App is available for iOS and Android devices as a companion to the suite and the Business Continuity module, providing remote support for Quantivate account holders.

2. LogicManager

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Since 2005, LogicManager’s enterprise risk management (ERM) software has enabled organizations to protect their reputation, plan for the future, and improve business performance through strong governance.

LogicManager’s SaaS software and included advisory service now assist businesses in integrating risk, governance, and compliance activities in order to protect their employees, customers, and shareholders.

LogicManager was named Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ GRC Company of the Year, one of Insight Success’ 50 Most Valuable Technology Companies, GRC 20/20’s GRC Value Award in Risk Management, and a Leader in Forrester Research, Inc.’s “The Forrester WaveTM: Governance, Risk, and Compliance Platforms (GRC), Q1 2018” report.

3. WeGalvanize

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With a smart and integrated GRC program, you can swiftly detect and manage risk while also ensuring WeGalvanize compliance. Streamline and automate critical workflows to improve team collaboration and deliver real-time insights for low-effort, data-driven decision-making.

Quickly get up and running with pre-configured plug-and-play solutions designed to deliver best-in-class GRC programs. With powerful analytics and eye-catching storyboards, you can gain deep insights.

To centralize and scale your work, connect your essential tools in a unified platform. With the assistance of the company’s expert team, you can easily implement an intelligent GRC strategy.

4. BWise

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The BWise platform assists businesses in identifying, understanding, measuring, and managing critical organizational risks on a holistic basis. BWise provides governance solutions such as financial governance, corporate governance, and information technology governance.

Operational risk management, enterprise risk management, business continuity management, risk and control assessments, and vendor risk management are all part of the BWise Risk Management software system.

The BWise GRC platform delivers integrated role-based software solutions like as Risk Management, Internal Audit, Internal Control, Compliance, Information Security, Business Continuity Management, and 3rd Party Risk Management, which enable financial, operational, and reputational risk reduction.

5. Castellan’s AssuranceSoftware

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Castellan’s AssuranceSoftware by Castellan is designed for the expansion of business continuity into a larger risk and resilience endeavor. Castellan’s new SaaS platform not only helps your organization during a crisis, but also throughout the ups and downs of typical operations.

Use automation and intelligence to handle operational resilience, business continuity, crisis management, and emergency notification concerns in a centralized location, allowing you to go forward with ease and confidence.

AssuranceSoftware cuts through the noise to detect hidden vulnerabilities and software gaps that could jeopardize your organization’s reaction and recovery methods.

6. PlanB Consulting

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PlanB Consulting claims to be at the cutting edge of crisis management and business continuity, with decades of experience assisting organizations in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from anything the world throws at them. The professionals at the organization consult, train, and advise on how to keep the business going in the aftermath of a disruptive occurrence.

PlanB Consulting, like Assurance Software, has collaborated with Castellan to be a reseller of their Castellan software, which we believe is the best business continuity software package on the market.

7. Continuity2

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MeridianBCMS, Continuity2’s software, is a web-based solution developed to automate and aid the day-to-day maintenance of an organization’s Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) and to ensure resilience experts throughout the world can do their jobs better, faster, and easier.

Its industry-agnostic solution is totally customizable to match your organization’s specific needs, and whether you need a solution on-premises or in the cloud, their experts have you covered.

Why Do You Need Business Continuity Plan Software?

There is a reason why all businesses, not just huge companies, should have a business continuity plan in place in the event of an emergency.

Did you know that the majority of organizations fail to recover after a big disruption, such as a natural disaster or a cyber-attack on their data infrastructure?

With the rising globalization of risks, a robust BCP is critical for organizational longevity. There are business continuity tools available to assist professionals or smaller businesses in creating a BCP manual.

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