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ActiveCampaign CRM Review: Customer Relations, Email Marketing, and More

ActiveCampaign’s primary focus is email marketing, which it excels at. Its CRM was created to supplement this. ActiveCampaign wants to provide a straightforward method for automating the back-and-forth between marketing and sales when handling opportunities. Furthermore, when compared to some of the more well-known CRM behemoths, its cost makes it a highly appealing option for small-to-medium-sized businesses.

How ActiveCampaign Works?

activecampaign crm review customer relations email marketing more how activecampaign works

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ActiveCampaign provides access to a variety of capabilities through an easy-to-use dashboard and focuses on email automation and establishing a customer journey that will engage the consumer and foster brand loyalty. ActiveCampaign is a popular option of CRM in a variety of market segments since it is designed to save time in sending the appropriate message to the consumer – and at the correct time.

In a competitive market, the ActiveCampaign package is reasonably priced, and its unique capabilities, along with those expected of a marketing automation package, make it an appealing choice. Here are a few of the features included with ActiveCampaign.

1. Email Marketing

Email is still one of the most important modes of communication in online marketing. ActiveCampaign allows you to send not just bulk emails – when you need to deliver a basic message to a large number of people – but also customized emails for more targeted content.

You may also send emails prompted by a purchase or even a simple visit, as well as automate welcome letters and other tasks. It’s easy to use and significantly lowers the amount of time spent on email.

2. Marketing Automation

activecampaign crm review customer relations email marketing more online marketing

When it comes to marketing automation, ActiveCampaign goes beyond email by providing you with a consolidated picture of all your marketing traffic. Furthermore, you can create marketing funnels to capture customers at the point where they are most likely to buy and utilize the easy drag-and-drop automation builder to modify your processes as needed. This is a strong and effective component of the ActiveCampaign system.

3. Sales and CRM

Lead prioritization is a vital aspect of everyday life in any organization that provides services or sells products, but it is time-consuming and inefficient when done manually. You may automate the sales part of the business with ActiveCampaign by utilizing custom-designed forms that send an inquiry in the appropriate direction and help discover the best potential leads to generate business accordingly. There is also a centralized platform for seeing contact data and level of engagement, eliminating the need to go through many modes of communication for information. This is another time-saving and very effective feature.

4. Machine Learning

With data on your visitors’ behavior available, the ActiveCampaign package enables machine learning for improved success. It accomplishes this by assessing the most likely leads and delivering that information to the user, as well as by examining what can and should be improved. This intelligent component of ActiveCampaign is one of the most amazing aspects and may be the deciding factor in your selection to use this package.

5. Messaging

activecampaign crm review customer relations email marketing more messaging

Messaging is at the heart of many marketing routines, and ActiveCampaign offers a wide selection of messaging and communication possibilities. In addition to email, ActiveCampaign provides direct SMS messaging, which is extremely efficient for targeting consumers on the go, as well as social media messaging through Facebook advertisements. There is also a helpful online chat tool that allows you to catch and converse with customers while they are on your website. The latter is a useful tool that will be greatly appreciated.

ActiveCampaign Features‍

activecampaign crm review customer relations email marketing more features

Digital marketing is a vital component of every contemporary business’s marketing plan, but getting it correctly takes considerable thinking and work. As they are accustomed to social media giving them knowledge and a trip to enjoy, the 21st-century customer is seeking more than simply a product or service.

ActiveCampaign is a solution that is ideal for small-to-medium-sized organizations that provides a variety of services such as CRM software, sales, and marketing automation. It is one of several marketing automation programs meant to make marketers’ lives simpler and assist agencies in automating marketing efforts, and it is highly regarded by many customers who enjoy its versatility.

ActiveCampaign is straightforward to use and quick to set up, and it gives access to a number of features that can be customized for each user. It uses many of the capabilities that most CRM solutions offer, such as customized emails and simplified, personalized communication. Overall, it is an intelligent platform that makes it simple for any organization to begin with sales and marketing automation. You can develop complex automated marketing procedures with little expertise that will save you time and start earning more income for your organization. You may also automate your sales operations by using the integrated CRM software.


ActiveCampaign is first and foremost an email marketing platform, and then it is a CRM. Is it, however, suitable for you?

The answer is yes – but only if and only if the following conditions are met:

  • Web inquiries, email marketing, and automated campaigns drive the majority of your sales (or you plan on generating most of your business through these channels)
  • You value the ability to automate activities and communications.
  • You have a small marketing and sales staff that is dedicated to following the necessary protocols.
  • You don’t require in-depth, completely customized reports.

While it may not be as advanced in terms of reporting as some of the other specialized (and more well-known) CRMs, it has a few really strong points: sleek automation, seamless integration of sales and marketing duties, and unrivaled email deliverability. So, if you think it may be beneficial to your business, it’s absolutely worth a shot.

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