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10 Best Legit Freelance Websites for Finding Work

In 2020, freelancing would make up 36% of the US workforce. It’s no surprise that the percentage is still growing because freelancers have the freedom to choose their workload, projects, and clients based on their skills.

Companies have boosted their use of freelancers in order to meet job demands during the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, the number of available freelancing tasks — from grocery shoppers to web developers – is greater than ever. By using a few simple commands, you can easily show hidden files and folders that might otherwise be invisible. how to recover deleted excel file from onedrive

If you’ve been looking for freelance work, you’re certainly aware of how difficult it can be, even if you have an online portfolio. But don’t worry; in this article, we’ve prepared a list of the best freelance websites where you may legitimately seek and apply for freelancing jobs.

How to determine a Legit Freelancing Website

We considered several factors to ensure that each freelance website on the following list is reliable and trustworthy, including:

  • Terms and conditions. The chosen freelance websites have well-documented terms and conditions that protect both freelancers and employers.
  • Customer support. Each freelance website offers customer service to assist users and resolve any disputes.
  • Payment and withdrawal methods. Local and international freelancers can receive payment from freelance websites through a variety of means, including bank transfers and electronic payments.

However, keep in mind that there is always the possibility of being scammed when applying for a job.

10 of the Best Legit Freelance Websites for Finding Work


  • Freelancing type: Web development, digital marketing, and social media
  • Pros: a wide range of categories, free registration, and online courses
  • Cons: high commission fee, lengthy payment process.

Fiverr is a network that provides freelancers with business owners trying to seek services in a variety of digital projects such as web design, content creation, and voice-overs.

This freelance website makes it easy for freelancers and business owners to communicate with one another. It’s worth noting that on the website, freelancers are referred to as sellers, their services as gigs, and business owners as buyers.

Sellers can sign up for free, list their gigs, and set their own prices instead of sending outbids. Meanwhile, buyers can easily search through various product categories to make a purchase.


  • Freelancing type: Content writing, translation, and graphic design are some of the services available.
  • Pros: networking opportunities, up-to-date news, and a low cost
  • Cons: spam content from malicious users

LinkedIn is one of the most popular job search sites, making it simple to find jobs in a variety of fields. It’s also a social networking site where professionals can connect and interact with one another.

To get started, simply sign up and create a profile. Include as much information about your skills, education, and work experience as possible. A detailed LinkedIn profile can lead to more job opportunities.

Introducing a new post can also increase the visibility of your profile. Create a post describing your expertise and attach your work portfolio, for example, if you’re a freelance writer. Potential employers may come across your profile and make you an offer.

Searching through LinkedIn job postings is another great way to find freelance opportunities. To search for your ideal freelance job, make sure to use relevant keywords and sort the results by most recent.


  • Freelancing type: Software development, financial consulting, and interim management are some of the services available.
  • Pros: top-tier businesses and talent, as well as free invoice processing and payments
  • Cons: Only large projects are subjected to a thorough screening process.

Toptal is a freelance website that connects companies with highly qualified freelance industry experts. Toptal’s freelancers range from web developers and designers to finance consultants and product managers.

Applying to Toptal as a freelancer necessitates completing five steps of the screening process, ranging from a thorough English evaluation to a project evaluation. This approach ensures that only the top 3% make it to the platform.

TopTracker is a dedicated time tracking and invoicing service provided by Toptal. With all of this service, freelancers will receive the total price they offer and payment via Payoneer, Paypal, or direct local bank transfer.


  • Freelancing type: writing, content creation, and transcription
  • Pros: Scam-free, 30-day money-back guarantee, and dependable customer service
  • Cons: Some high-paying jobs can be found outside of the platform.

Flexjobs is a website that specializes in remote and flexible job opportunities, such as freelance, part-time, and full-time work. There are many different types of jobs, ranging from education and training to journalism and writing.

Flexjobs guarantees that every job listed on the website is genuine. It authenticates and screens all job openings, weeding out scams and bogus companies. Unlike other online job boards, this freelance website does not display advertisements on its page.

Users must sign up for a subscription in order to find freelance jobs. There are four plans available, with prices starting at $6.95 per week. Every subscription includes unlimited access to job listings, a personalized work portfolio, career advice, and free skill testing.

Users can pay for their subscriptions with a prepaid card or through PayPal. There is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, which means that if you are dissatisfied with the service, you can get a full refund.


  • Freelancing type: Finance, human resources, and data entry
  • Pros: email alerts, how-to guides, and free job tools
  • Cons: Spam from untrustworthy third-party sites

SimplyHired is a free job board where businesses can post job openings. It also aggregates job postings from across the internet onto a single page. The site has a simple user interface that makes it simple to search for jobs by category.

There are numerous freelance opportunities available in a variety of fields, including finance and marketing. To find a specific job, simply enter relevant keywords into the search box. Filter the results by entering your city, state, or ZIP code to get more relevant results.


  • Freelancing type: marketing for a brand, programming, and web design
  • Pros: Payment security, dependable clients, and projects that are within budget
  • Cons: arduous selection procedure, expensive service fee

Upwork is a website that connects clients and freelancers from all over the world. The platform offers a diverse range of categories, including web design and software development, as well as customer service and accounting.

Clients and freelancers can connect in a variety of ways – clients can post a job and hire talent, or they can purchase a predefined service from the project catalog. Similarly, freelancers can use the job board to sell their services.

Create a profile on Upwork to get started as a freelancer. Make sure it contains information about yourself, your expert knowledge, and your job experience. Keep in mind that when you bid on jobs or pitch a project, clients will scan your profile to see if you’re qualified.

Upwork pays on a sliding scale, so the more you work, the less you get paid. For example, the commission fee begins at 20% for the first $500 bill and gradually decreases as you receive more money. There are several withdrawal methods available, including direct transfer, PayPal, and wire transfer.


  • Freelancing type: marketing, programming, and management
  • Pros: secure payment, personalized job listings, and a free membership
  • Cons: potential phony clients

Guru is a marketplace where freelancers and businesses from all over the world can collaborate. Companies can hire professionals with a variety of skills, such as programmers, graphic designers, and product managers.

This freelance website makes it simple to search for jobs and submit quotes to clients. Begin by registering and creating a freelancer profile. Based on your skillset and work experience, the system will make job recommendations.

Freelancers can bid on long-term or short-term projects and provide a fixed price for each. You can withdraw your earnings using a variety of methods, including PayPal and wire transfer. More importantly, the site’s SafePay protection ensures that freelancers are paid on time.

Every freelancer who registers on this website receives a free basic membership. Paid membership plans, on the other hand, include more tools to help your profile stand out.


  • Freelancing type: Translation of content, web development, and social media marketing
  • Pros: Progress tracking, live chat, and customer service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Cons: a complicated interface, spam applicants, and phony clients

Another freelance website where professionals and businesses from all over the world collaborate on various projects is Freelancer.com. Clients can easily find an expert of any type due to the wide range of expertise.

You can register as a freelancer or as a business owner. To become a freelancer, you must first fill out a brief registration form. Give specifics about your skills, educational background, and work experience.

Aside from projects, there are numerous contests, such as visual or design work. These contests can benefit freelancers by earning money as well as reviews on their profiles.

After completing a job, each freelancer will be paid in full. However, for contests and fixed projects, the platform takes 10% of your total earnings. You can withdraw funds via PayPal or wire transfer, as with most freelance sites.


  • Freelancing type: illustration, photography, and web design
  • Pros: a large audience, opportunities for networking, and personalized content
  • Cons: a level of competition, and a limited image file size

Behance, unlike the previous freelance sites on the list, is a social network for creative talents. People from all over the world use this website to create portfolios and share their creative work, which includes everything from animations and illustrations to a website and graphic design.

Behance is a great place to get discovered by potential employers if you are a freelance graphic designer, web designer, or animator. Begin by creating an account and filling out your profile.

Because it is a networking site, the more profiles you follow, the more posts will appear in your feed. It allows you to find more freelance work Behance also has a job listing. 

Behance also has a job board. Each freelancer will receive a personalized job recommendation based on their skill-sets and category, making it easier to find freelance work that matches their expertise.

People Per Hour

  • Freelancing type: Journalism, programming, and branding
  • Pros: automated transactions, location-based listings, and secure payment
  • Cons: The number of free bids per month is limited to 15.

People Per Hour, as the name implies, assists businesses in finding professional freelancers to hire by the hour or project. Millions of freelancers work in fields such as public relations, marketing, and journalism.

Freelancers can create an account for free and start setting up a profile. Note that the moderators will review each application before approving it. Once approved, freelancers can start browsing for jobs in multiple categories. 

Freelancers can sign up for an account and begin building their profiles for free. Please keep in mind that each application will be reviewed by the moderators before it is approved. Once approved, freelancers can begin searching for jobs in a variety of categories.

When working on a project, freelancers can submit proposals and set their own rates. When they’re done, they can easily generate an invoice from their dashboard.

People Per Hour, like most freelancing sites, charges freelancers a service fee per client. The freelance website charges a 20% service fee on earnings of $350. Fortunately, as you work more, your fee will decrease. – Specialized Equipment: These services have specialized equipment and tools that are necessary for recovering data from recover corupted files free different storage devices.


That concludes the list of the best freelance websites to find work in 2021. Finding freelance work does not have to be difficult. Most sites only require you to create an account and a profile.

However, before signing up for an account, double-check how each freelance website works. Take into account the payment system, withdrawal method, and service fee.

We wish you the best of luck in your search for the best freelance project. Please leave us a comment if you have any questions or suggestions.


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